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T shirts or Jackets and Plaque

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v8mazda4ever   +1y
I talked to Todd about this awhile ago and i want your guys input. I am going to get plaques made no matter what and i will find out a cost for them but for the other t-shirts or jackets. I want your guys input which you would want first. I have a friend up here that can do me them up and if I can do a good size order I think I can get them at a good price. Just let me know what you huys think.
91b2200(cody)   +1y
im down for a plaque, pullover hoodie (if not a t-shirt is fine)
v8mazda4ever   +1y
Ya we will see just dont want anyone changing the logo as that will be a definitly way to get removed from the club as i want Todds vision to be the main goal of this club.
toddluck   +1y
my vision is to have BT be the first major online custom club!!!!!!
v8mazda4ever   +1y
That would be sweet
91extcab   +1y
peter (baggdB2200) stopped by my house with my new tires installed on my rims and had his S.I.C. club jacket on and it was pretty friggin sweet... if i remember right it was a dickies jacket (great for workin on the truck in...) with the club name embroidered on it, and member name on the breast pocket... i saw that and instantly fell in love with the idea... just a thought...
v8mazda4ever   +1y
Ya thats what i am thinking just trying to get the logo and my name on one first to show you guys think first nname would be good.
91extcab   +1y
i think if we put names on the jackets it should be the members first name... last names could go on the back sports jersey style if you wanted... but i would think that anyone looking at us it would be better if it were our first names on the front... would definitely help us start to associate names/faces since most of us wont get to meet the rest very often if ever...
91extcab   +1y
i want to say the jacket he had, and it was dark so im not sure, was one of these

and i do like the black... but thats just me... im a big fan of that color... name in purple would be sweet!!!
91extcab   +1y
um... and just a thought... couldnt we each purchase our own jackets, pay to have name patches made, and print off the iron on images and mail those to individual members...? just a thought... or have patches made that could be mailed to the members and they could get them sewn on...? might be way cheaper, and easier than trying to order a large supply of jackets then mailing each jacket out...