Experimenting with Dynamic Watermarks Cover
Experimenting with Dynamic Watermarks
+1y by baha

Ever since I've been involved in sharing photos on the internet, I've always found it interesting to see where the photos end up. One time, I even found my photos on another site where they happily took credit. I know I'm not the only one who experienced this and it didn't take long for photographers to begin adding watermarks to all of their photos before publishing on the internet.

Security Update SSL Cover
Security Update SSL
+1y by baha

I'm sure by now most of you have heard of SSL, or at least noticed that the url for many of the sites you visit begin with https. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. You might be thinking, cool story bro, why should I care? SSL is what keeps your data secure while transmitting it across the internet. Now when you connect to your favorite website, ahem, there is a handshake between your device and the site. This hand shake sets up an encrypted channel and keeps your data secure during transmission!

Quick Update - Updated Gallery Interface Cover
Quick Update - Updated Gallery Interface
+1y by baha

I've been meaning to write this sooner but there's always just a little more code to write first! The latest improvement to the site is the revamp of the Gallery Interface. You can currently see it when viewing event galleries but it will soon be available in other sections of the site as well.

Happy New Year! Cover
Happy New Year!
+1y by baha

Every year the time seems to go by quicker and I always find myself saying, I can't believe the previous year has come and gone. I like to take this time of the year and reflect on the previous

Getting Full On My Own Words Cover
Getting Full On My Own Words
+1y by baha

I work in IT but I'm not really a gadget guy. I remember back in 2001 when my friend would call me every time he got a new phone (once a month) to tell me about all the new features his new phone had. If only the saying "Cool Story Bro" existed back then. At first it was just different wall papers, then ringtones and even a calculator! I think the Metallica ring tones were the best, anyone remember those?

Blog about a Blog Cover
Blog about a Blog
+1y by baha about a blog. I've been putting off writing this for quite some time, over a year in fact. My current work schedule can be challenging, I'll work some days from 7:30am - 4pm then pick back up again and work 9pm-1am, then off and on all day from 7am-8pm etc. I try to squeeze in 3-5hrs a day to work on Street Source but some days I end up falling asleep on the couch before I can even get started.

Quick Site Update! Cover
Quick Site Update!
+1y by baha

It's been awhile since I posted any annoucement about the site. This is just a quick update, I'll post more about the new features in the months to come. You may have noticed that parts of the site look very different than the forums. What you've seen is the site go from three separate platforms to just the new platform and phpbb.

Nuts and Bolts - Todd Hendrix Cover
Nuts and Bolts - Todd Hendrix
+1y by guilty by design

How long have you been into building trucks? For about 25 years now. What got you started in trucking? I've always loved cars and trucks as a kid. When I was 13-14 years old I was into VW's and while I was at the magazine stand looking for VW mags, I saw a Mini Truckin magazine and thought how cool all the trucks were and how they seemed similar to the custom VWs I was into. I started so see them at local car shows my parents would take me to and after seeing so many of them I knew I had to have one.

Nuts and Bolts - Mike Alexander Cover
Nuts and Bolts - Mike Alexander
+1y by guilty by design

How long have you been into building trucks? Almost 20 years now, got an early start at around age 13-14 What got you started in trucking? Sneaking into runs with some of my older friends and cousins in the early '90s. First truck First full custom truck was my '98 S-10, full frame body drop on 22-inch wheels, 350motor swap, full smooth floor, firewall, cabwall, suicide doors, the works - built by Sadistic Iron Werksbut went to Hill's Hot Rods for body/paint and interior and never got finished :(

Project of the Year 2010 NC4LIFE Cover
Project of the Year 2010 NC4LIFE
+1y by thetornado

It sure wasn't easy getting it here. First I spent about a year and a half researching the cab and various other parts, on and a bunch of local wreckers in Australia. Mike in New Zealand helped me out with finding parts and shipping them to my "mate" Tyson in Australia, who built a specialized crate to get everything shipped to the US. Tyson and I both worked with the shipping and transport companies to finally get everything all the way to Baltimore.

Ride of the Year 2010 idminitrucker Cover
Ride of the Year 2010 idminitrucker
+1y by thetornado

It was a whole lot more work then I would have expected. Indoor shows are not near as much fun as outdoor ones. As for how I did, I took first in my class, but since that was pre 88 mini-truck and I was the only mini-truck in the show I kind of expected that. However... after I walked back to my buddy's booth where my wife was we were talking and the next thing we know is I hear them say 86 Mazda, and it was for OUTSTANDING ENGINEERED for the whole show. It was a pretty big award at that show.

Featured Member September 2009 at dusk Cover
Featured Member September 2009 at dusk
+1y by thetornado

There are about a thousand stories with this truck... Everything from falling off a tow truck, to breaking ball joints while being towed on a flat bed. You name it, its done it. The truck itself started off as a budget build, but while waiting for the bags and four link to show up Corey said, "Lets BD it", right away I said NO. But after a sleepless night I started to see the light and the rest is history.

Featured Member April 2009 TRE5 Cover
Featured Member April 2009 TRE5
+1y by thetornado

The funny thing about how I bought this truck is that I actually was looking at the wheels before I even bought the truck. My buddy Derek had bought the wheels for his car, but they were a little too big and he was trying to sell them. I told him it would be great if someone bought the wheels and put it on a Mazda like the yellow one that was on the cover of Minitruckin way back in the day. He mentioned that I should be the guy, I thought about it for a while and decided to take on the task.

Ride of the Year 2008 sosatheshark Cover
Ride of the Year 2008 sosatheshark
+1y by thetornado

Ive always tried my hardest at everything, always tried to be different and minitrucking inspires me to be better at something, but also stay on top of my game. Its just building stuff I've always been an audio designer, fiber-glassing and building unique installs, just never the clientele nor location I live will better that now I build stuff on here for my Mazdas and have people all over country knowing my work and seeing my creativity.

Ride of the Year 2008 Contestants Cover
Ride of the Year 2008 Contestants
+1y by baha

We are excited to announce our end of the Year - User's pick for Ride of the Year! There are so many great trucks from the Bscene, everything from daily drivers to eye poppin show rides. We had a nomination process and here are your top 10 picks!...

Moderator Feature Immortal1 Cover
Moderator Feature Immortal1
+1y by thetornado

Thanks from owner: I would like to thank my family for putting up with my insane hobby and my good friend Scott for the gold plating and numerous ideas throughout the years.

Ride of the Month Mazm Cover
Ride of the Month Mazm
+1y by thetornado

Thanks from owner: I would like to thank my parents for their patience while the truck was tore apart all over the place and extra cash to help get it this far.

Featured Member Devb22 Cover
Featured Member Devb22
+1y by thetornado

Well I bought it last year in June... so that would make it 1 year 2 months. The actual build only took about 10 months, and I have been tinkering ever since. Its not finished, just Under-Construction. And in about a month if I still have it I will tear it back down and do some sort of Front End Conversion... Rebuild the engine, and update the 4-Link.

Featured Member Midnightmike Cover
Featured Member Midnightmike
+1y by thetornado of them is when I was in a major car accident, I was hit from behind by a cop that was going 75Km/h and totaled the truck pretty much, I was heart broken, I'll feel like an idiot for saying this but I actually cried. when I got home from the hospital I thought for sure it wasn't fixable, but a little hard work and dedication she was.