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tuckin22   +1y
so is it true what i read in another forum?
you guys figured out a way to do steel 22s?
whats the time frame on these?
other sizes?
sorry for the ?'s just tryin to figure it out.
i like the look of them steel ones and might finally get me some if yall do make em.
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lockone   +1y
That is correct. We are currently in the process of having a few sets made for us to road test and load test. I am hoping by the end of the yeat we will at least have the 19s and 22s done and then the 24s will come next. I am going to stay with the classic hand hole designs that already exist i.e 2 hand hole, 5 hand hole, etc.

Prices are still being negotiated and I can assure you when they are ready I will post on my Forum here first.
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okcderek   +1y
I am curious why people would want steel wheels?? In my line of work, try to avoid them and run aluminum cause they are lighter... Just curious why people would want to run them.
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huskerdually   +1y
tuckin22 avatar
tuckin22   +1y
^plus i think they look cool
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krewzlo   +1y
What is the weight of a steel one compared to aluminum? I wouldn't want that extra weight of steel ones with the already insufficient brakes on the shitboxes. To me not a good Idea but when has safety ever came before style.
dragyota avatar
dragyota   +1y
ok quick question i have 4 steel wheels and 4 aluminum all 22.5s what is the milling price on ea. wheel or if u want just a overall price also what is turn around time can i actually come to the shop and drop them off and can they be done in a day or 2
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lockone   +1y
The price for these is still in the air. We are negotiating that with our manufacturer at the moment and trying to make it as low as possible.

OKC is right in the world of Big Rig truckin' everyone wants aluminum because they are lighter and save gas. But on our applications the weight isnt that big of an issue. The steel wheels are only around 20lbs +/- heavier than the aluminum ones.

I am mainly building these for the inner wheels to save customers some money rather than buying all 6 aluminum wheels or running your stock 16s or 17s on the inside.

Plus the steel wheels will also be available in CHROME...
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lockone   +1y
Dragyota, We cannot mill a steel 22.5 to a 22 there isnt enough material on the wheel to make that happen.

If you want the Aluminum wheels done I will PM you a price and if you want to come spend a day at the shop or tour the Jack Daniel's Distillery I can have you in and out the same day.
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dragyota   +1y
thats awesome ok on my steel wheels i have heard of it being done can i get away with stretching my tires onto the rims and yes pm a price i would probably just come chill at the shop or go see family in that area something i also need i think 2 sets of chevy adapters total