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454 hard to start

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rnonelower   +1y
does anyone on hear have any ideas on what might be the problem I have a 99 454 with 87k and up until it hit 75k it would start after 1 or 2 cranks super fast start know I have to grind on that shit for like 10 min. to get it to fire off any help would be great really starting to piss me off thought about new plugs but the dealer told me that the factory ones were good for 100 thous. are they wrong or should I look at some other culprete
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low95xlt   +1y
what bout fuel? got pressure? ever replaced fuel filter?
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liljlowrider   +1y
i had a 2000 and it did the same thing. i change the fuel pump and it fixed it. the pumps just get weak and will still work for alittle while longer but the pressure is just low enough to affect it alittle.
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brianbgboy   +1y
if it runs good after it starts without bogging any, it needs injectors. the factory injectors will leak down when the engine isnt running, and when you are trying to start it, they have air in see if this is the problem, hook up your fuel pressure guage up, crank her up. you should have at least 55 psi when running. kill the engine and watch to see how long it takes for the pressure to drop off. if it drops down more than 10 psi within say 3 minutes, you have a leaky injector. i replace all the leaking stockers with the bosch injectors from and they really wake these trucks up big time. good luck with it, later, brian
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rnonelower   +1y
talked to a buddy of mine last night that has a 98 x-cab 4wd he said that the fuel pressure regulator might be bad and leaking off has anyone heard of that and can that be checked like the injectors
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03on22s   +1y
Which injectors on that site work on the Vortec 454?
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98crewcab   +1y

my money $$$ is on the fuel pump, seen lots of them go out or weaken.
its going to stop on you soon
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dual-lay   +1y
i had a 96 crew cab that did the same and my cousins truck did the same. it starts fine when its cold runs like a top but when you turn it off and try to start it "hot" it's a bitch and cranks like crazy! i did the fuel pump still did it, checked the regulator it was fine injector were cool, it's wasn't the fuel system. it was the ignition switch (the key) it goes bad after starting it so many times and it doen't help getting pissed and pushing harder on it. i replaced the switch it in both trucks fixed it. it sounds worng (it said the samething) but after looking and looking and replacing this and that someone told me to change it and i finaly did. no more problems.
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okcderek   +1y
Mine is a 99 and does the exact same thing. And I have replaced the fuel pump and filter. Which injectors specifically did you get from that site..? What you described your truck doing w/ the air in the injectors is exactly what mine is doing.
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03on22s   +1y
This sounds like a common problem, cause mine does it too.