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Air Ride Suspensions \  what do you guys think about slam bags??

what do you guys think about slam bags??

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laydout avatar
laydout   +1y
So i just ordered four slam specialties re7 bags because in my opinion and from what i have mostly heard they are the best out there..what do you guys think?? anyone have any horror stories about them??
menace avatar
menace   +1y

I dont have much experience with different bag brands, but i have re7s in the rear of my ranger, and it rides nice with about 60psi in the rear... no shocks yet either
Holeyguy66 avatar
Holeyguy66   +1y

i wont use anything else but slams best on the market imo
stsweep avatar
stsweep   +1y
  Ive got slams on all four corners of my truck and it rides great.  def not as soft as other brands.  Good shocks always help though.
TwistedMinis avatar
TwistedMinis   +1y
Too stiff for me really. I've been using Contitech 4 plys and I like them better, kind of a happy medium.
stsweep avatar
stsweep   +1y
  Ive heard that over the axle setups with slams are a little stiff.  Mine are on the link bars and its pretty good.
NR-Shaw avatar
NR-Shaw   +1y

um i like em . . . im running them in the back but runnin conitechs in the front/. . . . i like em both
Pacificustoms avatar
Pacificustoms   +1y

Slam are the only bag we'll use.  I have firestones and contitechs piling up because we take them all off.  Great bags and a great bunch of guys to deal with. They'll always be there should you ever have a problem, I never have though. To me they ride great, not stiff at all.  My mom says my truck rides better then her Lexus. 
bigjon avatar
bigjon   +1y
I use them on all of my front setups and conitechs in the rear.  I think there just a little stiff for most trucks!
spider97 avatar
spider97   +1y
good stuff but i got contis in the nose too. i sell them to teh lowrider guys all day they love them. sold a set of dominators but havent tried them yet