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tubular a-arms

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mightymini   +1y
where can i find some of these????
nascarguy3   +1y
make your own a-arms..
low_pup   +1y
i think the guys from here starting up jdm customs are making me a set of uppers, just waiting for there first set to get some and to get a price. building m own is a little over my head right now.
jdm customs   +1y
as soon as we get the brackets cut on the water jet, which should be this week we can fianlly get the uppers done. all we have to do is bend em and weld em up. hopefully this week low_pup then we can get you a price.
speedylowz   +1y

I would like to pickup a set also. Keep me posted Thankx Bro.

mightymini   +1y
yea for the right price i'd also grab a set
mightymini   +1y
any updates on the control arms????
low_pup   +1y
i know hes got non-factory mouned ones done but no price out yet.
dhpmike   +1y
I just sent a set of upper arms for an old BYC order to Josh Lilly in Louisiana.

Im looking into how well they fit. They should be great but its been a while since I made any of these.

As soon as I finish another set I owe Ben in Australia I will post pics and details here.

Ben if you are on this list, you are next up. I have all the plates cut, drilled and all I have to do is make the crossbars.
dhpmike   +1y
Ok gentlemen I just got my new dies in a day early. I will have tube tomorrow and be bending uppers for Isuzus. Ben I will have you a set asap.

Are you certain that the suspension on your Aussie Zu is the same as the American Zu?

Id think that it probably is. also please email me your address thanks!