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91extcab   +1y
Ok, so i see that we dont have a club member introduction/ride thread so I am going to start one.

Driver: Leland "Bean" Adams

Driven: 1991 Mazda B2600i Cab Plus, "Suki"

Location: North Everett, Washington

Exterior Mods

*SFC Model 1530 2nd Design Sunroof
*Shaved Door Handles
*20% Tint on door glass, 5% on all rear cab windows, 2.5% on sunroof glass
*2wd Bed cut down into a flatbed design
*Maxxima Semi Truck combination S/T/T/R LED Ovals
*Static Mount Factory style Mirrors
*Blue "Evil 'M'" Mazda logo on hood
*Oldsmobile Suicide hood hinge modified to fit application
*2002&up Ford Ranger Headlights, turn signal/running light functions reversed for "disappearing" turn signal affect when running lights are turned on
*Tail light 1157 bulb pigtail wired into corner markers, deleted bumper signals and moved turn signal to corner marker
*Replaced deleted bumper turn signals with halogen fog lights
*Universal Fit over cab marker lights, lenses masked and painted for custom feel
*4wd mazda fenders, and matching bumper endcaps
*Tail light wire tuck inside frame
*Mesh grill insert in bumper
*Rear plate mounted in floating style, with plate light phantom mounted under rear bumper bar
*Semi truck/trailer style steel fenders over rear tires

Interior Mods

*Recovered door panels with black marine vinyl
*Black/blue color scheme on dash, headliner, cab plastics, visors and rear wall
*1996 VW Jetta front bucket seats static mounted to floor
*Cut down shifter, and replaced knob with Billet style Autozone replacement
*Replaced Parking brake T-handle with billet Autozone knob
*Panasonic CQ-C1335U Head unit
*CB radio


*Upper/Lower balljoint flip
*Removed upper bump stops in front
*Upper Shock and endlink bushings replaced with Poly-Urethane ones
*Replaced strut bar bushings with greaseable Poly-Urethane ones
*Isuzu 4wd Front shocks
*Airshocks in the rear
*Cheverolet Z71 16s with Hankook 225/55/R16 rubber
*Z71's painted satin black, with a blue lip
*Three Inch drop blocks in rear, main and overload leaf springs only with blocks
*Re-keyed torsion bars up front

Engine/Bay Mods/Info

*Mazda 2.6 liter Fuel Injected G6 engine with 5speed trans
*Three inch aluminum air intake, with Spectre filter, all factory air recirculation parts removed
*Relocated battery to box under the flat bed, driver's side
*Relocated coolant res. radiatior, driver side
*Power steering res. relocated to forward lower corner, driver side, where factory airbox originally mounted
*Coil/ignition pack relocated to vertical wall of fender, driver side
*Racing style keyed negative battery disconnect terminal
*Blue Loom engine wire dress-up, wires partially tucked and cleaned up for a better look
*Removed stock mechanical fan and installed 2 electric fans, with relays, one on each side of the radiator

what i started with...

what i got now...

and t-o-d-D, thanks for letting me be part of this!
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sahankaface   +1y
congrats bro and will let u know about that visor i did not forget
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baha   +1y
Do you have any more pics of the flat bed? I like it
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1hotdawg   +1y

Details on these? I've heard and read some about the 2nd part, but not completely understanding the "disappearing" deal.
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91extcab   +1y

the "disappearing" part is in the ranger headlights. you know how the rangers have a headlight, and the running light/turn signal? all i did was wire the running light/turn signal opposite... wired the high beam (turn signal) part of the light to be a running light, and the low beam (originally the running light part) to be the turn signal. so when my running lights are off both my corner marker, and inner light in my headlight flash. with my running lights on, you only see the corner marker flash, you dont see any turn signal in the headlight flash.

let me know if that doesnt answer your question... i'll see about getting some video of it tonight to better show what im talking about.
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91extcab   +1y
oh... and since i wired the high beam part of the turn signal/running lights to be a running light, and have the fogs down below... i cant remember the last time i turned on my real headlights for my night vision. between the high beam light output from the running/turn signal lights, and the fogs, it puts out just as much light as the regular low beam headlights...
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toddluck   +1y
great idea
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teaspoon   +1y
I love how NO ONE but you posted info on their ride. :p
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91extcab   +1y
same can be said about you
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teaspoon   +1y
Driver: Cortnye "Teaspoon" Ivey
Driving: 1987 Mazda B2000 "Blair"
From: Shelby, NC
Living in: Lake Stevens, Wa

Mods or anything for it: Ummm.... >.>

What I'm starting with:

Currently at:

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