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20" Direct Bolts are in the HOUSE!!!

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aleman   +1y
Let me rephrase that.

Yes, they bolt righ up, but..,

Mine did not tuck in on the rear. They are way too far apart so they look odd.

I don't understand why AE didn't make them so they fit better. For as much as I spent they should fit right.
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guilty by design avatar
guilty by design   +1y
what doesn't fit?
scoti avatar
scoti   +1y
Lock.... Any pics of a lowered square body w/these?

I would like to get a set but don't wish to make a non refundable $2100 mistake. I know the OE steelie/alum outers clear out back w/the drop so as long as the spacing is similar they should work.
scoti avatar
scoti   +1y
Tap, tap, tap..... This thing work?
tutt avatar
tutt   +1y
maybe AE was thinking more of the lifted dually crowd with these. the extra width would eliminate the spacers needed to keep wider mud terrain ties from rubbing each other.
jason eden avatar
jason eden   +1y
whats the difference in these and the ones on ebay for like 1400?
bigbeardedbastard avatar
bigbeardedbastard   +1y
same wheels...cost have come down on them from when they were first introduced
jcampbell1180 avatar
jcampbell1180   +1y
I'm waiting for Eagle to get it together and come up with a set that tuck.

I have a feeling I'll be waiting a while. It's too bad...I'd really like to run a set.
bigbeardedbastard avatar
bigbeardedbastard   +1y
i wish i could see a set on a square body....i have to make some minor repairs to my existing fenders and if it was only raising the fenders, id be interested.....widening, not so much