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Tennessee Wheel and Tire \  20" Direct Bolts are in the HOUSE!!!

20" Direct Bolts are in the HOUSE!!!

Tennessee Wheel and Tire
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duallyguy91 avatar
duallyguy91   +1y
looks good...
guilty by design avatar
guilty by design   +1y
Whoa what happened to the $1600/6 price they were projecting a few months ago???
lockone avatar
lockone   +1y
Should not not have a problem tucking them on the square body.
The wheels measure 21" total width without tires on them and 11.25" from inside of inner wheel mounting surface to the outside of outer wheel lip.

Price is for all 6 and we cannot sell them any other way.

The styles are just the classic (058) and the spoke (056) right now. They say more are coming but may take a while.

I wish they could be cheaper Kyle but they changed some things like center caps and some other safety features that made the price rise over the years of development.
jcampbell1180 avatar
jcampbell1180   +1y
Any updates? Would love to see a set on a Square. I'm squirreling away some funds for a set of these.
giovanni avatar
giovanni   +1y
What load e tire do u run in 20
chuckietruckin avatar
chuckietruckin   +1y
not sure what the diff. is, but im seeing them on ebay for 1600-1700$ for all six
bigbeardedbastard avatar
bigbeardedbastard   +1y
i'd still really like to see a set of these on a bagged if not not sfbd truck....still curious to see how much modification is going to have to be done to the front...tubbing the firewall etc. cost wise they are more in my budget than townasty's
chuckietruckin avatar
chuckietruckin   +1y
I think this is the answer to the question eveyone is looking for
short1 avatar
short1   +1y
Looks like they just need to be widenend not raised. But it also looks like your not bodied. Either way they look good. And the truck does too.
giovanni avatar
giovanni   +1y
What the fuck there is no easy way Around fenders ....