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Tennessee Wheel and Tire \  20" Direct Bolts are in the HOUSE!!!

20" Direct Bolts are in the HOUSE!!!

Tennessee Wheel and Tire
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lockone   +1y
Here are the pics fellas!

These are for the 73-2000 Chevy trucks. They are basically doing these a few at a time and they just show up all of the sudden.

Let me know if you have any questions. Going to get some preview pics on a vehicle with different tire options as soon as I get the time.


82standard   +1y
big daddy caddy   +1y
I am interested in a price as well.
lockone   +1y
The wheels are $2100 shipped in the continental US. This includes center caps and lug nuts.

We can set you up with tire packages also. Prices vary on size and brand preferred.
calfboy   +1y
Hey Trevor, is that 4 or 6 wheels?
bigbeardedbastard   +1y
it should be 6 wheels....the rear are interlocking
duallyguy91   +1y
i have a 91 crew cab square body ..soon to be bagged, slamd for now,will they fit under the rear with no mods...need wheel dimensions...thay look bad ass ....
rockstar-c10   +1y
Do you have other styles? These are in my price range but not a fan of that style. I really want steel wheel style powder coated white.
katkatcher#1   +1y
thread post photo

heres a pic of them on a buddys truck, picked them up last week, not sure how much drop is on the truck or tire size,but he said he shouldnt have any problems laying frame with these. also heard that another friends allready picked up a set of the classics and has his truck in the shop having to renotch the rear to lay on these!
thread post photo

trucks in the shop now getting a taller notch and planning on running the 20'' classic
post photo
dutn@gauge   +1y
looks awesome!