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Edited: 12/1/2009 10:24:00 PM by KiK

I just cut and pasted this from the news letter Kris sent out today because I don't like typing, lol... -Trae a brand new website that we are launching on December 1st (or earlier, keep checking!)  It's your exclusive online dealer of apparel for companies synonymous with the custom vehicle world.  So far we have Agreements to work with Ekstensive Metal Works, BA Rodz & Kustomz, Crime Pays Video, NFamus Air Suspension, and Keef's Rod & Custom.  We hope to add many more.The shopping carts will be merged (as KIK and Inked Baby's are now)!  So you can shop at all of our websites and check out in the same shopping cart!  Purchase an Ekstensive hat, Crime Pays Video t-shirt, KIK jacket, and Inked Baby onesie for your rockin' tot all at the same time paying shipping charges only once!
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ybnrml   +1y

That's an awesome idea Trae!...count me in on it if you have room bro.
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tealchevy   +1y
I think many companies will benefit from this we are very excited to be able to be apart of it.  Great idea Kris and Trae!  - Amanda 
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KEEF   +1y

we are excited to be involved in this new adventure thanks Trae and Kris for putting this all together

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Thanks for being apart of it Amanda and Keef.  The response so far has been incredible.   Keef, I'll be mailing you some business cards in about a week, so that you have something to give to customers who ask where they can get your gear. Amanda, I'll give you and Chris some at Turkey Drag.Kris (my wife) has been working her ass off on this little project.  This has been in the works for about 2 years, kinda... Also, look for a small ad at the bottom of our (KIK) full page ad in MiniTruckin'.  Any and all questions are welcomed. -Trae
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90yota   +1y

thats an awesome idea guys!!
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ptman2002   +1y

this is great for everyone.  all the companies coming together as one.  im sure all will benefit,  especially with the one time shipping idea.

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DeepSouthS10   +1y

nice! one stop shopping, love it!
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i hate that i didn't think of that. haha   i'm sending the website to my girlfriend so she knows where to buy all my xmas gifts. lol