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KiK   +1y
Alright everyone, we've had alot of requests for stickers that are similar to our t-shirt designs.  If you would be interested in something like this, please take a moment to browse our website and let us know which ones we should cut first and in what color. -Trae
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Slappy Mc Nasty   +1y

man........... i like "SELF MADE" (colors as is), "DRAGGER KING" (colors as is), "ALL I NEED IS BEER, BOOZ AND BAGS" (black letters), "ITS NOT THE SIZE OF THE WHEELS" (black or orange letters) and "NO CLUB NEEDED" (black or red letters). really cant go wrong with those i.m.o.
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devilx   +1y
i like " not sponsoed by mommy and daddy customs" and drag addict
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dropstar   +1y

drag hard...(red)
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KiK   +1y
Thanks alot everyone, we really appreciate the input.  We will have them available soon.  Will probably give a discount to those of you who have posted your opinions so far. I'll keep ya'll posted. -Trae
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simple-pleasurez   +1y
i dig the draggin. my anti drug. also... you have a pm
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tlw32882   +1y
self made, for sure!
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KiK   +1y
Edited: 8/14/2009 10:56:21 PM by KiK

---------------------------------------------Originally posted by DragaDodge self made, for sure! --------------------------------------------- We just made a self made sticker for one of our customers, I love that phrase. That's kinda the first one of our t-shirt designs that we've done. Thanks again for all the input everyone. -Trae
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SoloSpecialties   +1y

i want a Self Made one lol. when would they be avaliable? im gonna order a new hat here pretty soon.
Definitely "Self Made". In silver or any color but black....I don't see black being a big seller for people with dark tint....My windows are 4%, black wouldn't show up...