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North East \  Wheres all the PA people at???

Wheres all the PA people at???

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dragging9c1   +1y

Movin from Phx to Pittsburgh in march/ april 09 
tharealjoedirt   +1y

the slums of bethlehem pa...

sdfs10   +1y

The Pocono's Pa here!!!!!!
slammed89s10   +1y
im really trying to get my truck done for G4L....if anyone knows Danny Mahl have that motherfucker return my calls....i been trying to call him for the past few months with no returned calls.
tharealjoedirt   +1y

zach is that you???its fleckr..i talk to him all the time watcha need
slammed89s10   +1y
find out when i can get the truck home so i can finish i have no idea whats goin on with it...i got a place where i can finish it just need to know when i can pick it up and if he wants any still got my #? im itchin to finish the fucker.....2 years is too long not to drive my baby
tharealjoedirt   +1y

i heaR THAT.. it was on the groungd and together last i saw ..few odds and ends that was 3- 4 weeks ago..was looking real good i dunno..i thought you had seen it .
slammed89s10   +1y
i wish man....danny wont answer any of my calls.....i need to know what he wants and when i can get it...tell him to call me!
tharealjoedirt   +1y joey if you cant get ahold of him
slammed89s10   +1y
dotn got joeys number fool.....text it to me.