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North East \  Wheres all the PA people at???

Wheres all the PA people at???

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1lowrado   +1y

I may as well claim to live in PA... I'm from south Jersey and work in Morrisville. I drive a colorado that lays frame
onedopemini   +1y

i llive near willamsport ....whos all going to all trucks this year

mightymini   +1y
york, pa here....bagged and body dropped mitsu....and an isuzu under going a new look

rooms are booked for all truck nats,can't wait

draggnmazda   +1y

also from pittsburgh 89 stockfloor mazda all 4 22s

What's up  my name's Rich I'm from Norristown, Pa about 20 miles west of philly. 2005 Ford F-350 Dually on the ground with custom a arms.
slammed89s10   +1y
theres not shit for trucks around me.....any of you guys kinda close want to meet up hit me up.   and ill be at all truck nats for sure....i live 5min from there
LowXpectations91   +1y

I'm in Blairsville. bout 45 minutes from Pittsburgh.

i'm going to all nats,g4l, lowrollers,envy, how bout you guys
Billz Kustomz   +1y
see you at all those shows b with the motion3 guys havent seen the sonoma yet they said it looked good though, my truck is down there now getting a drag bar