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North East \  Wheres all the PA people at???

Wheres all the PA people at???

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GraphicDisorder   +1y

Schwenksville, PA here.

karathos   +1y

Altoona pa here, even though i'm stuck in ElPaso Texas for 4 more months
tattoominitrucker   +1y

wilkes barre area  ,Pa
drgnbyu   +1y

littlestown pa near gettysburg
honlude   +1y
im in york pa
low99maz   +1y
I just moved from maryland to Waynesboro,Pa!! Dont think i will have my paint done by carlisle but I am pressing for a debut at lowrollers.                                                                       
post photo
layedoutnissan   +1y

nice truck, I saw it at LR before.
low99maz   +1y

---------------------------------------------Originally posted by layedoutnissannice truck, I saw it at LR before.---------------------------------------------Thanks man, ur hardbody is clean I like it. WAIT till u see my truck this year new paint,sfbd,new bedfloor,new firewall,new brake system,tube coresupport,painted interior plastic,lots more. Lowrollers will b the first show i take it to completed CANT WAIT

sounds like it will be like a new truck,might be hard to recognize but i'll try to sniff it out,good luck with the build
03ranger   +1y

---------------------------------------------Originally posted by DiabolicCustomswow im the opposite of you skittdattle, born in the north lived all my life down south, and now i'm living in oxford pa, --------------------------------------------- how  you  like   living  in  middle  of  no where ?  i  USED  to live in west grove ,  i am  now  in  lancaster  (Still middle of no where  lol )  I remember when i  moved  to  cochranville,pa   back in  97  there was  nothing   open  past 8 pm    ( i think even today  still the same  nothing open past 8   with  exception  of bk  near  the shopping mall lol)  lancaster  pa  here    ( 89 bagged mazda b2200)