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Uncle Fester   +1y
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Most exciting day, Last Look delivered to the house:

Home sweet home and safe and sound next to my other baby:

It has taken me countless hours to clean and polish this poor baby from its neglect:

Giving it some sun one day while working in the garage:

I bought it to save and share with as many as I possibly can. Here we are loading it onto the trailer for its first show in my posession:

Time to go to the show:

Took home third place at its first show (AON 2007)

I sure got to hear loads of stories just wish I could have talked more, was sick and almost lost voice.

So rest assured everyone it is safe and sound and getting restored to original condition. For this I have enlisted help from a great friend, you can follow the progress on his site:

SSM Quote: Truth be known, without that truck and a few others (like Joe Musso's toy) there might not be an SSM today.

"Since last look is so dear to my heart and to minitruckin history, i want this thread stickied. Many of our veteran minitruckers will love to know where and how this truck is doing today."

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xflowgolf   +1y
Rock on man. Way to protect and preserve one of the scene's most influential trucks while showing it off like it was meant to be!
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///RELAXED 720   +1y
YEAHHHHHHH james finally came out of the closet

but for real Im glad LL is in safe hands & is bein restored

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dragnlow   +1y
I second that!!! Show that bad boy like it was meant!
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dirtyd97   +1y
thank god glad to hear its in good hands sure hope to see it again soon
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impulse   +1y
Awesome good to see someone is going to take care of it!!!
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madmazdawg   +1y
Edited: 4/3/2007 4:23:52 PM by madmazdawg

Damn can I just say that I am jealous, you own a piece of Minitruckin' history. Glad to see it's not going to just be beat to shit too.

Shit I was just looking at your profile and seen you had that purple ranger that was on the cover of the bible with the green one, you opening a minitruckin' museum :LOL:
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stromad   +1y
"Don Vito Is a whore with those grapes"...much like that truck is a whore...But nice to see it being cared for.
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LOWEST1   +1y
I am glad to see it in good hands. You are truley lucky
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foulmouth79   +1y
you're taking good care of a piece of minitruckin and automotive history...big up to you