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Motorcycles \  Holy shit billy lane killed some one

Holy shit billy lane killed some one

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200bodydroppedrangr   +1y
Edited: 9/30/2006 5:56:24 AM by 200bodydroppedrangr

chopper inc owner killed some biker with truck when he was drunk driveing just saw the last min of the news report at coco beach florida. thats crazy
91 drggn dime avatar
91 drggn dime   +1y
that shit happened a few weeks back.
200bodydroppedrangr avatar
200bodydroppedrangr   +1y
O i never heard it
phatmx6 avatar
phatmx6   +1y
did it turn up that he was drunk yet?
simm1523 avatar
simm1523   +1y
twice the legal limit the local news said
Jance Customs avatar
Jance Customs   +1y
He probably won't be on anymore tv shows for awhile.
SUBLOW avatar
SUBLOW   +1y
truthfully he needs to be brought up for manslaughter no matter who he is
fiasco avatar
fiasco   +1y
go to the whole article and report is on it.
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complexdesigns   +1y
Oh he will be dont you worry about that.