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mjavy7   +1y
If you never heard of them here is their

My questions are, are these any good?

this is their "top of the line" and I have gotten 3 good verbal reviews and one bad one so far.
I personally have only heard/seen ONE car this brand name in it. This person had the cheap "bottom line" 12's and two amps 1 for bass and another for mid's & hi's. I was very impressed for the end result with as littler money spent.

Again my question is, is this brand worth looking at, or even considering for my Mazda3? what I have now is way too nuch.

ps. I did a search on here and nothing came up.
Thanks 4 the help!
mjavy7   +1y
shvd64cdy   +1y
mjavy7   +1y
^^ I personally havwe never heard of quantem tek but who knows? Maybe is like the old mobile authority that was "ma" is way better.

well I did my research. I talked to about 6 people that have been in ccontact with this brand. Only one was unhappy with the quality but enven him atmited that dollar for dollar is a good brand. Today I picked up the sub pictured above, a set of 6.5" components for my front doors, a pair of coaxials for the rear doors, 100ft. of 16ga wire and two (2) 12ft. rca wires for the amps. All just under $200 dealer cost.
When I get my amps and a couple of other goodies that I have alredy ordered I wil put it all in and talk about it on here. It will take a littler while, I have to make adapters for all doors a custom box for the rear, and a LOT of dynamat all over the place.

I will let yall know if this is any good.
LAzY HonDA   +1y
man I work at a place that sells quantum for the price they are an extreamly good product..... that amp in the pic is ok but its there bottom of the line series jump up to there comp series and the amps are bad!!! halla if yall need more help
granth   +1y
personally why are spending more cash on audio when you have a setup already? why not just turn down your gains and cut off your bass boost (which it should be already). If you think you can blow a sub by underpowering it, thats completely wrong. When you turn down the volume, you cut down on your wattage and current pull, therefore underpowering your sub. The only way to blow a sub is overpowering them and clipping the hell out of them. I personally would just tweak what you have to fit your taste.
rickster6924   +1y
U can't turn down the watts by turning down the gain it don't work like that ur gain control is not a volume control!!! It adjust the amount of frequencies u send to the speakers no matter how low or how high u turn it u get same amount of watts and it is better to over power ur subs a little then is to under power them alot. O and u can fuck up ur subs by under powering them
dunkybutt   +1y
True as long as the power is clean.Distortion is the death of many a sub.... And if I am not mistaken Quantum is a division of the company that produces DB drive.....
mjavy7   +1y
Edited: 5/6/2006 1:35:31 PM by MJAVY7

Originally posted by framedragger

personally why are spending more cash on audio when you have a setup already? I don't ever spend $ I don't have to, because it is already hard enough to come up with spare $ as it is. To answer your question the amp and the sub do not belong to me they belong to my brother, I can use them for as long as I want BUT I am not really happy with it. The reason why is because it is like a TRUE 1,400w amp and all my door speakers are stock. (too much power is the bottom line)

Originally posted by framedragger

why not just turn down your gains and cut off your bass boost (which it should be already).Dude I wich I had a picture to post on here of the was like an eith 1/8 of the way up the bass to -6, and it still broke the 3rd break light cover inside my 5th door. It was way too much. With certain CD you throat would get so DRY that you had to step out of the car. The hole time no mid's and bearly any high's.

Originally posted by framedragger

If you think you can blow a sub by underpowering it, thats completely wrongThat's not the reason is coming out.

mjavy7   +1y
Edited: 5/6/2006 2:07:56 PM by MJAVY7

here is an update.

I have all the stuff mentioned above + 2 kiker amps (a great dael I could not refuse).wire connectors wire ends 8ga. & 4ga. wire dirtribution block, 3M glue for the carpet on the box.I have already installed the eclipse head unit, all the rca wires all the 4ga. wire. And something very unique, a wire that allows me to plug in my treo 600 PDA to my eclipse head unit. With this I can play anything off my PDA or the memory card in it. This would be like an i-pod set up. I also purchased a steering wheel control interfase adapter.

As soon as I am done with my final exams next monday I will start doing all this on the eavnings after work. I still need to buy plywood, long screws to bolt down amps and blues wire for my remote.
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