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So been telling everyone for years now, "I'm going to do this and that" and all it has done is sit. Well, tonight was the start of it. couple weeks ago I got the body and interior stripped. Tonight we got the body off the frame, just need to get the materials and get the frame going. My goal is by the end of this year it will be fully complete. I know this is pointless without pics but be patient I'll have them up in the morning it has been a long day.
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Okay, so the project is a 96 Suzuki x-90. The plan is ditch the factory frame, I have a 91 yota front clip and narrowed rear axle. Going to build 3/4 frame out of 2x3, and cross members of 1.5 round. Will be a 3 inch stock floor body drop. Haven't figured out what to do for rear suspension yet. I'll figure it out when it gets to that point. Set up is a CCE turbine 2/4 kit 24v. Sorry for the quality of the pics they are cell phone and at night. Will get better quality as we go.

Dunno what is going on with this thing but when I click add picture it posts instead of adds.

what the hell is that??
My mom has two of those and she is going to get another. There was one of those done back in the 90's, I have the issue with it.
This Suzuki was featured in Mini Truckin'. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!