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project cluster reconstruction

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cluster   +1y
First day:

random engine bay:

the lowest she goes on 20s:

horrible site after taking bed off
thread post photo

thread post photo

thread post photo

a couple before i got it pics:

have u seen my fenders?
thread post photo

next step:
-make final decision on suspension and new bag setup
-bed is also going to body shop to get one long L.E.D in the top part.
-20s going off and replaced by swirlies with 205/50s to lay for now
-replace bumper with 98+ chrome bumper and 4x4 valance
-engine swap early 2007

its a nice truck but runs liek shit.... i know its only a 4banger but they cant be this slow engine has alot of time sitting up on it but dunno if thats the main problem.

i mainly got it for the interior and the bodydrop cuz those are 2 things i wanted to have done to a truck before going at the bodywork helps being sorta done, but the suspension is poop mono-leafed with 2 crappy thomas comps, 3/8" air lines,2500lb front and 2600lb rear and a 1 port! 5gal tank LOL!

oh forgot no shocks up front, bounce much?!?!?
pretty much crap and outdated, so suspension is my first change....which might not start till aroudn halloween....wanna research some crap and stock up on part piles.....not to mention im moving so i dont really wanna take the truck apart and have to move it in pieces! that would be a good one lol
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sdime98   +1y
i'm interested in seeing this thing in person man....should be lookin really good..
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nvious kreationz   +1y
Holly shit that is 555's old truck keep us posted with picz
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cluster   +1y
yeah it is lol
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maz89   +1y
lookin' good man, keep up the good work! let us know if we can help with any research, good luck!
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dragginncrds   +1y
lookin good... please tell me ur goin to do somethin about that horrible job of wireing...
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cluster   +1y

i might need some fiberglass work anyways
do you work with tweed to?
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tofnlows10   +1y

i used to want that truck so bad...!
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lucky13   +1y
that truck is friggin sweet mang!
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sdime98   +1y
i have done some tweed work...but i'm no pro at it by any means..

here are my old door panels...

i don't know if you've really paid it any attention, but the ranger dash on my DD myspace pics, me and the owner of the truck did all the work on that dash..basically did all of his interior, except the seats...had them done by a shop..