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94 Pup project

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lowzone1   +1y
just picked this 79k mile original pup. AC and PS, sliding rear window 2.3L 5 speed for 396.00. runs PERFECT after i got the fan out of the shroud. No liquids were lost, not even the Freon. straight frame, one bumper horn is bent ALITTLE. got a whole Rodeo for 500.00 (parted it for more then that so far) and have the front clip from it to hang on the pup. 18" titan rims are going on after i have the front hubs machined. has the Isuzu 12 bolt in the rear so no big bore rims needed heres some pics, its at my brothers body shop now getting the support pulled out. it should come out ok, if not i have a spare new rad support. i put the hood from my crewcab project on it as it had no hood to protect the engine bay.

Nose/bumper secion/door donor Rodeo
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eatinpavement   +1y
nice project. im diggin the hood scoop
speedylowz   +1y
yup keep posting pics of the progress!!! Good find!!!
brianbgboy   +1y
looks almost like my new project! good luck with yours. later, brian
lowzone1   +1y

thanks, its off a 79-86 Ford Mustang GT. i recontoured the edges just alittle to follow the factory Isuzu hood line.ive taken the rest of the damaged parts off the front (bumper,radiator,cooling fan) and have the front ready to pull. waiting on my it will be awhile. bought a new OEM water pump just incase the cooling fan impact affected it. its only has something like 79,xxx miles on it and it purrrrrrrrrrrrrs. im not sure if im going with the 93-97 Rodeo grille or the 91-92....i have both and both bumpers. i got another set of Nissan titan rims that has the centers bored out so i might run those or i have an extra set of 18" Centerline Archer IIs i might run. one good thing about having ALL six lug trucks....i can swap rims and see which ones i like better. Ive hung the passenger power door and swapped over the mirror on the driver door. i still have to swap in the power window regulator and harness, but the main wiring harness is made and ready to be put in, so ill have P/windows soon. What a hump trying to figure out the wiring on the switches, since it came from a 4 door and trying to utilize just 2 switches and getting the polarities right. NIGHTMARE!!!!!! but then again im not friendly to electricity....ill post more pics soon when i get something worthy to post
lowzone1   +1y
well i said screw it, went to my brothers shop yesterday and cut the rad support off and pulled the nose out. reallllllllly easy to do to. kinda scary how thin the metal actually is. well here are some pics of the work after. Hes having his AC guy come down this week to evac the system for me, so i dont have to pay for freon, just labor to recharge it when i put in the new condensor. Im going to POR15 the frame especially where i cant reach after its assembled and put in new rubber body mounts and bolts up front, the original ones were bent and the bolts were rusted rather bad. Check out the POWER DOORS and the windows are wired and work. i made a harness to use the p/w atleast (still have to install the harness)...might attempt the p/mirrors.... until next time....heres some pics:

would you believe as hard as the shot was to the bumper, the bumper mounts didnt move! usually they roll backwards on the lightest hits. seems the truck hit a saftey barrier around 30 mph...guy fell asleep behind the wheel and right into a construction truck with those BIG saftey blocks in the back. atleast its one less thing i have to fix.

lowzone1   +1y
10.21.07 update

rad support is on, fenders lined up...waiting on bumper brackets to shave the bumper i have here. helps to bolt it up first.....makes it alittle straighter to work with
heres some pics i took today:

i want to get it towed home to do the water pump, t-belt and tune up and get new hoses and such before i put any more $ into paint work. wire up the doors and other interior things i want to do, as well as POR15 the rest of the frame...more to come soon
lowzone1   +1y

well got her all together, registered and insured. drove home and both front calipers were locked up abit. made the 5 mile trip home interesting to say the least. got the airhorns hooked up, wiring cleaned up alot and still have the power windows to wire in. might wait until i do the 96 Rodeo interior to do that, put the wires where they belong and neatly. the drop is getting done this week. only a 3/4 drop as it snows here and its a daily driver. paint will be MUCH later. might do a different grey metallic but shes come a long way since September and only working on her one day a week (saturday) and not every Saturday). Ill post more pics after the drop.

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lowzone1   +1y
some recent pics:

Jacobs ignition system REALLY woke the truck up and gained me SO FAR 10% increase in fuel economy (with a sticky caliper (see front d/s rim for brake dust ) i waiting to see what i get with my Rodeo rotors and calipers now installed and not sticking.....

before the hood scoop:

HONDA PASSPORT GRILLE center was damaged,so i modified (its loose there):

mesh installed and blacked out
93zuzu89   +1y
looking good. i'm liking the build up. what are your plans for it?