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speedylowz   +1y

Not sure If I would shave mine But I agree,mightymini....
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isuzueh   +1y
it looks great on that amigo put not sure on a truck I seen a yellow one on SSM and it just didn't look right IMO
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dan   +1y
The shaved body lines look a bit different.

Something to get used to!
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low_pup   +1y
damn that amigo is sick but i just dont know about it on a pup, the yellow one i dont know because thats a butt ass ugly color. lol
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/// xception   +1y
You guys have to think an Amigo is alot shorter wheel base. I just dont think a spacecab or a pickup will look right. I'll say that Amigo does look pretty cool. Who owns the they have a profile on here on SSM.
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my93pup   +1y
nah guys I am shaving all the bed lines where they used body filler. my bed will be solid when I am done. once thats done. I'll start on a new frame for my truck.
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my93pup   +1y
I'll take pic's soon to show you all.
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my93pup   +1y
is anyone in arizona? if so give me a shout I would like to hang some time. this is a very very lonely prodject. and could use some compony.
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my93pup   +1y
Got a dash today. fixin to start fiberglassing it. after months of deliberation on a dash I desided to go with a modded 94 mustang dash. its got almost the same curvage as the stock dash except more rounded. and the gages out of a srx. to give it a real independant look. as far as a bezel for the cluster well see. I must get it be for fiberglassing it. I must stop working on the bed. before I take a saw and chop that shit up. I am looking into engines and trannys. well see what kind of sick shit I find.
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dragn92nznsi   +1y

agreed... and if that amigo got paint on it you might think differently, primer makes a lot of things look good