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my93pup   +1y
This is what it looks like now
thread post photo

Any suggestions?
my93pup   +1y
I am already shaving my bed lines out. I'll post picks soon
dragn92nznsi   +1y

i hope you dont mean the body line isuzu bodylines are gorgeous.

sweet ride tho
mightymini   +1y
yea those body lines make the truck. shave the shit out of it though it may look bad ass
low_pup   +1y
your shaveing your bodyline?

body drop it.
gldsuzi   +1y
Get a roll pan
86xr4ti   +1y
he is talking about the seams areound the tail lights
/// xception   +1y
I hope that's all he is shaving cause the bodylines on an Isuzu is what makes the truck. I've seen one with the lines lets just say not pretty.
speedylowz   +1y

Found a pic of an Amigo with bodylines shaved..
thread post photo
mightymini   +1y
actually looks pretty sweet