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We be recruitin

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porkchop69   +1y
Anybody wanna hang with us
not to many rules with us
don't be a drug addict
don't be stupid and bring our name
Vehicle must be modified in some way shape or form
u have to be voted in by me,sparky,& J-dime
pay for ur sticker
show up to meetings
show up to shows
family comes first (your kids sick cool take care of it)
you second auntie fell and broke her leg cool take care
of it.
But if you get lazy and don't want to show up then we will do what we gotta do
we are a working mans club and we
have bills to pay and
kids to take care
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91extcab   +1y
you know as much as im out in everett i still have yet to see you rolling down the street porkchop... do you have something else you drive for a daily?
porkchop69 avatar
porkchop69   +1y
Yea I don't drive my dawg often I usally drive a full size dodge truck with the magnum it sucks the gas but it saves wear and tear on my dawg. I break her out but not to often
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91extcab   +1y
well if you happen to see me in the evrot mall area make sure you flag my attention
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toddluck   +1y
thats an awesome itro bro
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beatmymini   +1y
i feel like i've been seeing you a lot more lately but i could be crazy.
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porkchop69   +1y
Todd I just want people to know we have our familys first.
Job second and club third I want people to have a good time .
This minitruckin is a way of life and I love my truck like I love my kids
but if it came down to it (like probley 99% of all the people on here who have kids)
would chose there kids over there truck.We know shit happens and sometimes the stars
don't Aline and u can't make a show or a meeting and that's cool but our main objective
is to have a good time wether it's just working on each
others truck or rolling 15 deep in a train to a show. I love the brotherhood
that comes along with minitruckin it's like haveing a huge family and somebody is always
giving u a new idea on what you should do next. I have yet to meet one minitrucker who I haven't
felt comfortable enough to sit down have a cold beer and shoot the shit with.I love all my brothers
we are a huge family and I wouldn't give it up for anything(sorry I'm rammbleing on and on) I'm finishing off a half rack of MGD
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porkchop69   +1y

Seeing me more on here or draggin the ass of my truck around town?
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porkchop69   +1y

I live down on hwy 99 and 128th the truck
is out in front if I see u i will flag ya down
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91extcab   +1y
i cant say im down by the home depot too often... i got a friend that works down there... im up stayin near the everett mall at the moment