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open enrollment

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toddluck   +1y
anyone want to start there own chapter hit me up
91extcab   +1y
dibs on north seattle area? seattle-arlington-ish?
toddluck   +1y
done man
roger26i   +1y
hey brother id love to be in the famly if its an open offer
91extcab   +1y
i'd vote you in, but i think todd's got claim to the out of staters, i just get my area lol. preemptive welcome to the family!
toddluck   +1y
roger the more the better man have at it man

pm me for the logo files i just want to as many brokentoyz memeber as we can get

youll be chap me let me know
lofosho86   +1y
hey toddski what about a Bama chapter?
87_b2600   +1y
hey todd, what about Port Angeles/ Sequim chapter?
lofosho86   +1y
just bumping it up!
v8mazda4ever   +1y
Hey guys todd is on break for a couple months and has left me in charge you could say and I would love new chapters out there as I know Todd loves it too and to try and get a club in each area if possible guys please if you are part of face book ad me Lance nickle Barrie ontario canada. I want to at some point make a Broken Toyz site on face book with all memebers so i know who you are and how to reach you all as i am hoping by the summer there will be more than enough to get us to meet up at one of the big shows.