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New Bracketry

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guilty by design   +1y
Just got alot of new items cut today.

3'' Nissan gusset

3'' Ford gusset

New frame tabs

And heres an item im rather proud of. This baby welds to a crossmember you have on the ground and locates all 4 front 4 link mounts. The beauty behind this bracket is its designed to work with my axle tabs to space all the pivot points equally and its modular insert adds considerable strength to the top mounting locations. Simply tack weld the inserts countersunk legs into the tab holes and grind smooth for a seamless look. That keeps your 4 link working properly and saves you time setting everything up. The bracket keeps the bottom bushing 1/4'' off the ground, feature a flatspot 1/4'' from the edge of the tubing so you can wrap your weld around the end. Its made of 1/4'' pickled&oiled steel. P&O steel makes for a cleaner cut edge and has virtually no millscale cutting down on your metal prep time. It also features a full shoulder surrounding the polyurethane bushing just ike all my tabs. Other tabs dont cover the entire bushing and that could lead to the tab cutting into the bushing or causing premature wear. Hell it just looks better too!

All that and theyre STILL cheaper than similar bracketry found on other sites.
mazdaman82   +1y
wow i really like them
v8mazda4ever   +1y
those look sweet and the 5th one down looks exactly like ones I did for a friends s-10 the one under that looks real clean does it come with a different size center for different bushing ends.
guilty by design   +1y
yes i have different inserts that space the tabs for 2.5'' and 3'' bushings
paparoach1983   +1y
toddluck   +1y
looks great
guilty by design   +1y
Showin some dually love with these 4'' axle tabs.

I also got my diamond shear load plates in today
guilty by design   +1y
A couple of new items today!

First is just for you guys! Its an 8pc mazda specific notch kit. These notches mate up to the mazda framerails perfectly and allow you to lay frame on a 255/35/20.

Second is a universal 8pc octagnal notch kit. For those of you who want a little more shape than the boring standard notch kits.

Both are lazer cut from 3/16'' P&O mild steel and are in stock now. Ill have them available at my booth this weekend at Slamily Reunion.

paparoach1983   +1y
how much is the last one with the double bushing and crossmember mount