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Free Stickers! - Spring Promo

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modplant   +1y
You did it right. We accept orders from the site and also Facebook. I'll check our P.O. box today first to see if they were sent back for some reason.
modplant   +1y
Nothing was returned from the post office. Please let me know if you guys don't receive them by the end of the week.
lowlyfe   +1y
I got mine, They are on my tool box. Thanks!
modplant   +1y
Thanks Lowlyfe, I was starting to worry about USPS!

If you guys have any pictures of them, please post them I would love to add them to our facebook page. It is sort of plain right now!
mazdafvr   +1y
I haven't got mine yet, ill post on this thread when I do tho
modplant   +1y
Can you PM me your address to confirm, or have you moved recently? I'll check the P.O. Box again today to see if they came back. I'll send out another set.
chadwick3nser   +1y
Any more left? I need stickers for a naked b

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