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Free Stickers! - Spring Promo

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jiffyzx6   +1y
10! I'll make sure to wear my helmet and install a 5 point harness after I install all these stickers! .... Who needs a v8? Lol I think I'll overlay the orange over the white one and get a sweet 15hp + the 5 from the bscene sticker.......I think my truck just upgraded to a b2600! Lol
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baha   +1y
Don't forget to replace those muffler bearings, old muffler bearings can bog down your engine
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modplant   +1y
Caught up on our sticker packs! Thank you for the support! There has been a change to the sticker packs. You now get three stickers in all.

As shown below:
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mymmeryloss   +1y
modplant avatar
modplant   +1y
Got a few more left!
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cherokeed   +1y
I want some
mazdafvr avatar
mazdafvr   +1y
I did the facebook like thing with my address a few weeks ago and never gottem, maybe did it wrong idk.
charlesskelter avatar
charlesskelter   +1y
I did it through the site, nothing here either.
modplant avatar
modplant   +1y
You should have gotten them by now. I'll check our P.O. box today to see if they got sent back for some reason.
mazdafvr avatar
mazdafvr   +1y
I went the ,"like us on facebook" route and I think it said like and post your address as a comment or something.