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project DBLAZD

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Ron_autoloc   +1y
Edited: 6/17/2010 11:45:25 AM by Adam_Autoloc

Check it out ! Got a 94 GMC Jimmy to base project DBALZD off of. Follow along as we build up this bucket into something cool to cruise and show. My plan is to lay it out on 20 somethings from Drop Star and Pirelli . All suspension will be parts from and doing some really cool things with different Auto Loc products. Skin and Fillers from Grant Kustoms .Keep your eye on this forum for updates.
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nissandoordragger   +1y

thats going to be cool as shit
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idrgbdy   +1y
so now it's a sonoma? lol
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ive  wanted to the same thing for a while  but with an excab
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Don Shagwell   +1y

Looks like it's going to be a pretty cool project..   
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Ron_autoloc   +1y
Kinda but uni-body and almost a foot shorter , Thanks Matt I'm excited to do it and the dash is going to be wicked.     --------------------------------------------- Originally posted by idrgbdy so now it's a sonoma? lol ---------------------------------------------
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still_2_hi   +1y

That does look pretty cool... cant wait to see more
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low99maz   +1y
Awesome project....I bet ur neighbors are scratching their heads
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dumpednshaved   +1y
If its anything like your past builds it is going to be sick.
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Ron_autoloc   +1y
Should be starting the stock floor this month. 3 shows this month so weekends are going to be limited and the free weekend is the 4th of July.