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sundown   +1y
I know I asked about a year ago via email but is there a listing of your shirts that still have the printing on the back instead of the front? It might be wierd but a T shirt with the print on the back has a nicer look or at least to me, has a higher perceived value than shirts with something on the front.
I love a lot of your new designs and all of my old (printed on the back) KIKshirts are showing some age. I have held off buying new shirts in hopes that you all would go back to offering printing on the back.
Any hopes of offering the design on the back like you did way back?
Bagd_Civic93 avatar
Bagd_Civic93   +1y
I like the print on the back to...if someone is looking at the print on the front of my shirt they see my beer gut lol
dbldub01 avatar
dbldub01   +1y

I agree..........bring back the small logo on front with the design on the back!  Please?
customforlife avatar
customforlife   +1y

i agree!!!! i have some that have the printing on the back and those are my favorite one to wear.
KiK avatar
KiK   +1y
The reason we decided to start printing on the front is that alot of people like to see the expressions on other peoples faces when they read their shirt.  That, and everyone does it the other way, so we wanted to be different. After reading this, I was gonna reply that if there was enough positive response from your post that we would start offering that as an option.  I was printing a few t-shirts and came back to 3 replies, so, maybe we will make it an option on our site (to start) to see how it goes.  It's a big undertaking for Kris to update the site to make that an option, so, everyone should speak now, or forever hold their peace... -Trae
Bagd_Civic93 avatar
Bagd_Civic93   +1y
Like said above if it becomes an option ther are 3 of us down to order it sounds like.
cheeks Sunset SD avatar
cheeks Sunset SD   +1y

I would like to have this option, it depends on the shirt but I do prefer it on the back
GetLow avatar
GetLow   +1y

I like the design on the front better for the most part. I say make it an option.
dbldub01 avatar
dbldub01   +1y

I'm going to buy them either way, but I do like the old style better being on the back, so having that option would be great.
minitrukinranger avatar
minitrukinranger   +1y
I like them better on the back....