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Ekstensive killin it again.

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stlowburban   +1y
The latest SEMA build from them. That's a 2010 suburban if your wondering.

Whiplash   +1y
It takes Ekstensive to build the truck that Chevy never did. Thanks guys!!!
dumpednshaved   +1y
Been following the build on facebook. Such a bad ass truck. Whats blows my mind even more is how quickly they built this thing while also building several other rides. They are definitely one of the best out there and have been for a very long time.
jetts   +1y
so fucking badass!

i do wish they would of left the front bumper stock and not all sucked in like that
AFTBigRob   +1y
The front bumper was left stock..
plyrh8r1   +1y
Wouldnt it be a 2010 tahoe and not a surburban?
rizz0   +1y
think he means it started out as a suburban and was cut down....
infamous 12   +1y
It looks great with the HD hood, and the pickup headlights.
jetts   +1y

LoDakotaRT said:

The front bumper was left stock..


styling wise yes, but it is definitly not how a stock bumper is

JD Drops   +1y
thats a sucked in and molded Sierra bumper