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mega cab ranger build

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strada shop   +1y
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This is my 94 ford ranger im building this is when i first got it.this is just the body sitting there.then i wanted to be different so i did this.the front clip is off of a 98 ranger with MMW's armsi was doing a underslung frame but i changed my mind so i built some frame rails,I plan on doing a lot of tube work i made these as frame caps for the rear to allow the tube to mount to.i also have a 347 stroker for it.the cab will have a 35x55 rag top.let me know what you think!
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AndrewB22   +1y
are you going to use double ex cab windows or open the hole and use one piece?
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Rusty Shackleford   +1y
Awsome dude! I thought about doing that to my truck many times but never seen it done. I'm not sure if I would keep the two small windows or make 1 large one. Either way would be kool. (also be kool if you made it a tandem-axle) Keep up the nice work.
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AndrewB22 said:

are you going to use double ex cab windows or open the hole and use one piece?


One big window from a new mini van.
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mjavy7   +1y
Cool project!
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Reece   +1y
thats awesome... its totally custom...
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plyrh8r1   +1y
cool build.
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strada shop   +1y
Thanks more willl come this winter when im layed off!
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strada shop   +1y
all i have to say is someone may want to change their singnature when this is done

"20+' minitruck? DAMN RIGHT! worlds longest & lowest "
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Slappy Mc Nasty   +1y
Edited: 9/23/2011 7:52:51 PM by Slappy Mc Nasty

im not too worried, it wont be longer than mine, im guessing close to 19 feet or so.. seen some insane creations but this is just nutts man. KILLER PROJECT NONE THE LESS!!!!! definately "watching it" from the shadows, lmao