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garage cost?

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tofnlows10   +1y
anyone build a garage, jw what the cost is around.....


3 car maybe...
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huskerdually   +1y
I was looking at building a 60x40 with 10' sidewalls and it was going to run about $30,000 if I remember. That was building it myself.
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6.5l tow pig   +1y
It depends on how big, but usually the concrete cost as much or more than the building.

My buddy built a 24'x20' for just under $10K
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huskerdually   +1y

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skidrow   +1y
i was going to build a 2 story 30x30 was going to be like 10gs me doing the work

and if you call around the cement cumpanys have load thay need to dump like if a project ant done win thay get thar.

and thay will dump at your site for like hafe the cost but ou have to be avalabale win thay call ya
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watahyahknow   +1y
you guy actually are lucky youre having solid enough foundation to need just a slab of concrete .
since where we live used to be the bottom of the ocean the ground here is clay we need to drive piles in untill we find a sandlayer thats thick enough to hold the weight of the building and then poor a slab to have the garage still standing straight after a year
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huskerdually   +1y
Around here we go down about 48" and pour a trench foundation.
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jcampbell1180   +1y
Ooh...a construction question. How big? Typical 3 car garages around here are about 38' X 24'.

Some of our DS bro’s are smoking illicit substances.

Here in SoCal, mud's running just at $100/yd, give or take a few bucks. So figure a 4" slab w/ 12" footings will use just under 16 yds. Factor in rebar displacement, and you could probably get by with 15 1/2 yards, plus a clean out. So that right there is about $1500-$1600 for concrete. If you can get the rest of the materials for a 3 car garage for less than $1600, I’d sure like to know how. I’d be a rich man.

For some really rough, generic numbers, here’s a little 20 minute estimate:

Concrete: 4000 PSI – 16 yds @ $100/yd = $1600
Dimensional Lumber (studs, headers, etc.): = $350-$600
Sheeting: 4x8x3/8
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huskerdually   +1y
Well since the coldest it gets there is a chilly 60 degrees you wouldn't understand the frost line. Your foundation has to go below that or else the concrete will shift and sink and move around on you. Trust me I know, my front and back porches are sinking because the previous owner did it cheap. So my foundation has to be 8" wide by 48" deep and then another 18" above the ground. And I think mud was 130 a yard when I priced it plus delivery fee. Then figure in a 5" think floor and you got half your cost in the concrete. I just priced putting up a 60 by 40 so I'm pretty sure I'm pretty close on cost wise. That was unfinished, I was going to do that later. What size of dimensional lumber where you figuring? For my area anyway.
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jcampbell1180   +1y
Yeah, that's true. I had SoCal on my mind.

At 8"x66"x124', you would need 19 yards of concrete.

5" slab? 912 square feet would use up 14 yards of mud.

Even still 19+14=33 yards. At $100/yd, that's still only $3,300. Still way shy of your other material costs. Even at $130, that still $4,290. Close, but I'll bet your other materials still run closer to 10k when all is said and done.

I would think you could cut down your slab thickness by using a 6000 PSI fiberglassed mix, but I'd bet the additional cost would negate the reduction in material. Or at the very least, break even.