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where are they now?

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Abercrombie   +1y
I know we have had threads like this before, but I always enjoy them. Here are a few trucks I was wondering about.

Jack Summits yellow toyotaRyan Cochrans yellow blazer and blue mazdaJake Moomeys red isuzu

I know they don't own them anymore, except maybe Jack, but where are they? Jack and Ryans trucks used to clean up ALL the trophies on the east coast.
Abercrombie   +1y
Oh and where is Jerry Rapps yellow nissan that had a toyota bed and all the graphics, called fusion illusion? So many memories, so many trucks I wish I knew where they were!
gimp5561   +1y
jacks toyota is in a very safe place. his garage. the last time i talked to him anyway.not sure about ryans blazer the mazda got sold and trashed out. dont know jake or jerry
Abercrombie   +1y
Does Jack ever consider showing his anymore?
gimp5561   +1y
not that i know of, his last show was at nopi in alt. some people got mad because he won and he told me he was done with all of it ,if that's what it had come too. there is a lot of old trucks still setting at there owners house.
fatboysS1O   +1y
pix of said trucks?
gimp5561   +1y
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jacks toyotathe tan pics was the frist build,yellow at one of the first show after the rebuild
post photo
outkastdawg   +1y
yeah jacks truck was just plain sick and ryn used to kick my a** at every show with his blazer when i had mine
granth   +1y
thats such a sick truck!