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In need of switch wiring help...

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layedout72   +1y
Alright I have a little confusion, and just want to make sure i'm right about this.

8 valves
5 push button switches (front up/down, rear up/down, pancake up only)
5 toggle switch dash panel (front up/down, rear up/down, front corners up/down, pancake up/down)

Basically right now I am drawing a diagram that will let me just follow it instead of guessing at things. I know how to wire the switches and have them work but i'm trying to figure out how to connect both sets of switches safely.
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layedout72   +1y
also, what gauge wire would yall reccomend? Is 20 enough?
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nigels_world   +1y
Run your 9 wire cable from the valves to the cab and feed it from your switch box and dash switches. Run a diode inline on any wire that you don't want to be energized when the when another switch for that valve is used. 20g is fine.
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