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New carpet & some sound deadening...

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shep   +1y
All...I'm new here, but thought I'd share a few pics of the weekend project: new carpet & some sound deadening on the floor.
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Stripped (see where someone/something pissed in the passenger footwell at some point in the past):
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So, I scrubbed the floor off and laid down some RAAMMat BXT 60:
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And some Ensolite sound-absorbent foam over that:
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Laid down the carpet & reinstalled the crappy seats:
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New seats or recovered seats are next...

Anyway...just wanted to share...
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holcombe347   +1y
thats cool dude, looks better than it did.

did that sound deadener make a big difference in road noise? i need to put new carpet in my truck again, i got a rip in mine around the shifter boot and was just wondering if it was worth the money.
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shep   +1y


I already had the sound deadener stuff in the doors & in the sides & rear of the x-cab. Made a *huge* difference just there. I haven't had a chance to drive it since I did the floor - still have to get the passenger seat & seat belts in.
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truck action   +1y
Sound deadener works great, & theres more than one brand out there. I found & used FatMat, much lower in cost.
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shep   +1y

Agreed - lots of options out there. I had tried the "Peel and Seal" material previously, but picked raammat based on my limited budget and this comparison test:
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phatboislim   +1y
wow..i guess this is my next step on my interior. very clean install. go find some civic/integra seats
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shep   +1y
Here's an update...
1. New carpet
2. New seat skins
3. New stereo (temporary mount)
4. New speakers
5. Custom speaker & tweeter mounts (my first experience with doing fiberglass)
6. Dash & other panels painted with spray-on bedliner ('bout half done)
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Door closed:
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Door only:
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Pretty happy so far. Just have to finish the mount for the stereo, and finish painting the interior panels for now...
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smctoy   +1y
looks damn good!!
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chinkys10   +1y
Those are reference speakers right. Fukin rock dont they! I had a pair of 4x6 kappa plates, best speakers in my opinion. I like the mounts ant the seat!
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danc   +1y
Looks great, spot on.