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Dragginforce is dead

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porkchop69   +1y
It's offical dragginforce is no longer a club
we all have gone our separate ways ( well atleast a few of us)
everybody that was in dragginforce jumped ship and thought that a bigger club
is better. That's cool and I'm ok with that no hard feeling to the fellas. I hope they have fun in there new club.
As I will never place there sticker on my truck.
I as ex prez of dragginforce am rolling solo for now or
until I can find a club that accepts the fact I have
a full time job,kids and many priortys other then a club.
If u can't Handel the fact it's mandatory for me
to work weekends then I'm not the guy for u.
I have alot to offer a club ( welders,tools knowlage) but not every
other second of my life. I am a father to my kids first and I unlike 95%
of the ex dragginforce members can't just go
pawn my kid off on my mom or take them
to daycare because i wanna go drive my truck
to wal mart parking Lot sat night
to hang out with the ricers. So as I was saying I Am officaly rolling
solo until somebody approches me and offers me a strong bond and brotherhood
as a minitrucker. No backstabbers no Bs no 7th grade rumors
be a man and act like one any Everett / marysville/ north Seattle minitrucker
wanna just hang out and bs ? Hit me up
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bagdb2200   +1y
Hey man, no need to kill the club you created just cuz a bunch of ppl bailed. Keep the name and rock it proud solo for awhile. Things will come together eventually. My buddy had just him and one friend in his club for awhile after a bunch of the originals left. Today, the chapter is 12-15 strong, along with chapters in 3 other states.
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91extcab   +1y
that sucks... you know i came out... i tried to hang. you told me i was too stock. just because i'm not bagged doesnt mean that someone shouldnt be able to qualify to be part of the club. i may look stock, but have you ever heard the term "sleeper"? i dont really care about being big and flashy. for me its about fly in slow, blow them out of the water. make them wonder wtf? last 3 weeks has had a lot of changes, all small, but changes all the same that make me different from you. to be honest telling me that i have to 86 my roll bar "because its a minitruck club, not a 4x4 club" is stupid. thats you telling me how i should build my truck for me cause you didnt like it that way. my roll bar makes me different from the rest of you. i dont want to look like a colored carbon copy of everyone else's trucks. i would have no problem hanging out and working on trucks, but check your attitude at the freeway before you come over.
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porkchop69   +1y
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91extcab   +1y
you can roll out to lowdown with me. i was just saying the attitude (in general, from what i got from some of the guys when i came out), i've put club stickers on my truck. those guys are cool as hell, i was the only minitruck there for their annual bbq, but they still accepted me just because the badging on my truck is mazda. hell they even let a couple evos and a volvo show up without getting disrespected. its not about minitruck this, or car that, its just you drive a mazda, your one of us. btw, im workin on my mazda today, still have more interior to finish up, and i got new tail lights to fab in. should come up to no. evrot if your bored.
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porkchop69   +1y
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91extcab   +1y isnt really so much of a club as its another forum site like bscene, but instead of being just b series trucks, its a pacific northwest mazdas forum. these guys are on the freeways all the time. ive been spotted by them more and more recently and i keep seeing their cars. just guys in the northwest that feel the same as you. if you cant make it, got family issues, work doesnt cooperate timewise, no big deal. all they want is for people to have a good time, roll modified, and enjoy their MAZDAs. im a little jealous, most of them are running boosted newer models... plus some of them like autocross/road racing at the track.

and kids are welcome at my house. my room mate has a 6 year old boy who is running around and playing outside as we speak.
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toddluck   +1y
keep the club going man..just regroup and base the club around your beliefs man family first always bro

i disbanned brokentoyz in 88 i think it was

i did so because of alot of the reasons you did now im bringing it back dont care if its just me and a few friends
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ricksb2200   +1y
im sorry man im also rolling solo
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beatmymini   +1y
hey man you're more than welcome to come out to may place and hang out and work on shit and if your free clearance issues meets out in tacoma the second sunday of every month at the old A&W off pacific. we'd love to see you come out sometime. you should sign up on our site and see what we're all about. . hit me up sometime. i live out in north seattle and work at the toyota dealer in edmonds so i'm not far from you.