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lvnlow9543   +1y
the truck will crank up and idle fine, but as soon as you give it gas it backfired throught the throttle body, and you can't go over like 1 mile an hour, i replaced the plugs, wires, throttle body, cap, rotter button, cleaned the egr valve, blew out the gas lines, changed fuel punp and filter???? 1995 4.3
pig rig   +1y
if its back fire'n through your intake its in the ignition
check to see if the engine is on Top Dead Center then check to see if your roter is hit'n #1 you might be one tooth off
check control mod. in the distributor thay go bad at the drop of a hat

what engine are you working on?
maz89   +1y
hey matt, wouldn't it idle rough if the timing was off?
lvnlow9543   +1y
the one in my orange dime, i think the cat got stopped up from the foam in the fuel cell and got so clogged that it had to backfire out of the intake, because it had no where else to go
scooter   +1y
check the fuel pressure when you give it gas. cause you have enough pressure to crank and idle but when you give it gas, it won't have enough to run and that will make it back fire. if that is it, then you will need a fuel pump that will pump a higher pressure.
layitlo   +1y
I've had the same problem and it was my cat that caused what you have going on. I took out my cat and put on true duals and it solved my problem. Now mine sounds like I have a small v8 in it.
pig rig   +1y
yea I kind of missed that part
also as I was typing that I thought about when my fuel injection went bad it would idle fine, but as soon as you gave it gas it would back fire though the intake and it wouldn't build any power.
also I had a ignition modual go bad in the distributor and it would idle but it wouldn't build power it acted like it had a flat cam lobe
K\N air filters don't with stand fire
lvnlow9543   +1y
i had the ignition control moduel checked and it was good, so i am going to do a pressure test and see what i can come up with
schreff   +1y
Its out of timing, It might not idle that bad. Check that first before you put more $$$$ in it. My old truck did the samething.
lvnlow9543   +1y
checked the timing and it was good, so i dont have a clue