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My Baby!

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wayfastwhitey   +1y
Ok, not a truck, but the forum heading does say or other projects. This is my '79 Z28 Land Speed racer. Last year was the first year to run it and it managed 179 MPH in the standing mile. New engine is finally done and I'm getting it installed. HP is up by about 100 and I'm shooting for 200 MPH in the standing mile, and if I reach that, I'll be going to Speed Week in Bonneville.

nvious kreationz   +1y
Hell yeah man looks great and good luck on hitting 200!!!!
maz89   +1y
that makes my sticker peck up
lvnlow9543   +1y
easy there doordragr
maz89   +1y
I-LIKE-BIG-MOTORS- and I cannot lie, you other brothers can't deny..... lol
lvnlow9543   +1y
when a car pulls up, i get sprung
maz89   +1y
yeeeaah boy
maz89   +1y
we shoulda been rappers!
lvnlow9543   +1y
what you talking about, i am flava flavs son hommmie