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4 Runner front bumper conversion

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japchef   +1y
I have an 86 B2000. i seen people do toyota 4runner front bumpers, and i wanna do the same cuz i think it looks awsome.

what do i need to buy? do i need to cut, weld, make anything to make it fit? does it just bolt one?

let me know whats up if you have done this before. or if you know how to do it. thanks
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toddluck   +1y
you can buy the braket kit for a bolt on install but if you want it to match the fender right i think you gotta do some cuttin and weldin
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h2omelon(nick)   +1y
FBI sells the bracket kit and you can get the bumper ,valance, and lights off of ebay cheap.
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slammedyota91   +1y
how much does fbi sell em for? i sell em for 20.00 plus shipping...
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bagdb2200   +1y
the fit on the FBI brackets is crappy. Either make your own or get them from someone else who can make some
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showdownmerch   +1y
We did the Toyo bumper and valance last weekend and we just built the 2 brackets for the bumper. It wasn't much work at all and you don't need to do any cutting really. The stock mounts have to come off though (bolt off)
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pimp b2200   +1y

will these brackets work with a bumper right from a yoda oa an aftermarket bumper
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slammedyota91   +1y
from a yota to a mazda bolt in fit
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slammedyota91   +1y
well he should have gotten em today, tracking number says so at least
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bagdb2200   +1y

Do you have a pic of a Mazda using these brackets?