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91 pup build

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lethalethan   +1y
Well I don't have a build thread here so it's time to start one. I already have a full build thread over on (my home away from home). It may take me some time to get it all copied over so bear with me. My build thread over there is 13 pages long hahaha.

first off a mods list

1991 isuzu pickup
2.3L 4zd1

weber 38 carb
removed all emissions
removed a/c
relocated battery behind passenger seat
Removed carpet
Stripped down dash
catback exhaust (oops there is no cat)
stainless steel brake lines
14in hayden electric fan
Koyo Radiator
5/7 drop maybe more
isuzu amigo fenders
amigo/rodeo bumper and grill combo
custom widened stock valance
Corbeau A4 Driver seat
JDM turboII rx7 passener seat
custom center console
painted dash and door panels
v6 rodeo tach cluster
painted valve cover
fake ebay projectors
8k HID headlights
3k HID fogs
stock shorty antenna
pioneer headunit with 4in 2ways in the dash
17in escalade rims with black "inserts"
MSD 6AL box
MSD 2 step rev limiter
MSD Blaster SS coil
NGK Platinum Spark plugs and NGK wires
Accel 8mm coil wire
Im sure theres more i cant think of at the moment.

future plans
Finish the widebody
WIDE wheels
coilovers front and rear
and a little bit of motor work

Stock when I got it about 2 or 3 years ago

first drop

weber 38 vs. stock

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lethalethan   +1y
Ill give you guys a little hint on motor work

lethalethan   +1y
koyo rad with 14in hayden fan

youd be suprised at how many people ask me if im really running nitrous on my motor

lethalethan   +1y
home depot lip
i used aluminum rivets to hold it on because I plan on it dragging a lot. The rivets will just pull out instead of cracking my bumper

polished gauge cluster hood when I actually used it.

Ignition time

lethalethan   +1y
Prosport water temp gauge

lethalethan   +1y

painted the inserts black

free tires ftw!

lethalethan   +1y
Summit sport truck shocks for the front, the bottom bushings had to be trimmed down to it the lower shock mounts. Toxic shocks for the back fit great, build quality seemed low compared to the summit sport truck shocks

old vs new

The summit sport truck shocks ended up being a doetsch tech nitro drop shock with a generic part number. The quality of these is great, they look very well built, but the bottom bushing was far to big to fit into my shock mount. They required a bit of modification but other than that they went right in. The Pro Comp toxic shocks seem to be lacking in build quality, overall they just dont look as nice as the summit shocks. However, they seem to be pretty stiff and almost stopped my truck from bottoming out on the frame completely.
lethalethan   +1y
then i started tearing shit apart to re-wire

Option racing circle earth kit

Relocated fuse box

lethalethan   +1y
3k hid kit for my fogs

Headlight and fog ballasts

lethalethan   +1y
Wrinkle finish red on the valve cover

new driver seat

new NGK platinum plugs. The number 4 spark plug insulator came apart again. New brake pads, I also got an accel 8mm coil wire after being zapped by my msd box 3 times. The old coil wire had some little cracks in it i guess.

Little bit of cleaning up

what am i doing now? Idk yet but I picked up these the other day

Thats right, 4 piston front calipers. Stay tuned