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Suspension \  HAVE RADIUS ARMS???


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eatinpavement   +1y
has anyone else here done away with the radius arms? i made A arms for mine and i was just wandering if anyone else did something like this or relocated them
jester2   +1y
makin lower arms for mine
speedylowz   +1y
Mine are relocated they face the other way now hope that helps ya. would take pics but heading to Spring Fling tommorrow
bjscustombillet   +1y
I relocated mine. They still face forward. When I dropped the frame horns for the body drop I made new mounts that use a heim end and high misalignment spacers. I actually found a hiem end that fit the factory strut rod thread. All I had to do was cut the excess threads off the strut rod. When I made the new mounts I made a jig while the front of the frame was cut off to get everything lined up just right. It worked out really slick. Welded the new mounts on and cut the old junk off that was below the frame. I can snap a pic this weekend if you are interested.
88longbox   +1y
oes anyone have pix of how they made their A arms cuz i m trying to build a set. i am tired of hitting radius arms andi am only stativ dropped.

lowzone1   +1y

yes please do take some pics. I snapped ANOTHER strut rod and its getting to be annoying changing them out.
eatinpavement   +1y
heres mine, i hacked up an old torsion bar to use for it...

88longbox   +1y
thanks a lot for the pix. what did you use for bushings for the parts you built? have you had any problems with the lower homebuilt a arm moving forward amd back?? the roads are really crappy around here so i am kind of worried about hitting potholes and such.

eatinpavement   +1y
no problems at all. i just used some universal urethane rod end bushings inside a piece of dom tubing. you think the roads are bad there you should come to south louisiana, lol.
88longbox   +1y
i dont doubt it there i just get tired of hitting radius arms every time i hit a pot hole.