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Brokentoyz \  rear window logos!!!

rear window logos!!!

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toddluck   +1y
baha is making the first BT logo cant wait to get it

ill post pics when i get it.....these will be the logos we use and he is making us a smoking deal!!!
toddluck   +1y
ok these will be the logos!!
in what ever color you choose
if you have a slider we have windshield banners too!!

this is what i have decided they will be i think they are very clean looking
your state of course


toddluck   +1y
you will but these directly from baha

he is the man
toddluck   +1y
i think they fit great with the hats lace is doing
immortal1 (linn)   +1y
Pretty sharp looking logo Todd. Not as cool as the Altered Images logo but then again I am VERY biased LOL.
baha   +1y
Thanks Todd! if any one needs any other decals made or banners let me know through PM. I'm going to set up a page for taking orders soon.
eastwood   +1y
None of the pics are working for me.
baha   +1y
can you see his signature?
v8mazda4ever   +1y
Whats going on I can not see pics or the signature danm wish people would stop messing with stuff and just leave things alone I have been trying to get on here for the last hour and this pic thing has been going on for a few days too. I thought it was my computer.
baha   +1y

It is your computer but what is "the pic thing" doing I may be able to help. The pics are hosted on photobucket.