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Brokentoyz \  member of the month!!!!! january

member of the month!!!!! january

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toddluck   +1y

thanks for all the help lance post up you pics here man
we will set up a voting deal but for now im just picking member of the month
iculookn42   +1y
Cool congrats V8mazdaforever.
v8mazda4ever   +1y
Thanks that means alot bro and what pics you want LOl
toddluck   +1y
what ever you wanna put up
v8mazda4ever   +1y
Are you sure about that LOL
toddluck   +1y
your truck man lol
v8mazda4ever   +1y
Okay i will put up the ones I have owned and of the cars too LOL
91extcab   +1y
congrats lance! just remember to keep your pictures family appropriate... nothin you dont want your mom to see!!! lmao
v8mazda4ever   +1y
When i bought her my newest toy and new build

How it was with some of my parts on her

Heres the extra cab i had that i made into a roadster thats my boy in it out at the flea market up for sale it went pretty quick when it was for sale LOL

Heres my skyline still have her in the garage collecting dust

my rx-7 last summer loved driving it but danm it was to small to get in and out of LOl
toddluck   +1y
nice lance