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Welcome to Brokentoyz

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toddluck   +1y
We are starting Oregon and Washington chapters
sleepyspeed is head of Oregon
I'm head of Washington

a little history on the club
I started Brokentoyz in 1987
we rolled 40 deep until people (kids)
started getting in trouble rolling the logo
that WILL never happen again
its all about FAMILY trucks and good times
will post more later
sleepyspeed   +1y
this is sweet! thanks a lot Baha
toddluck   +1y
yeah man thanks!!!!!!!!!!
snoplow   +1y
so how do you go about getting your own club thread?
toddluck   +1y
jmzcustomz (jeff)   +1y
Brokentoyz what??? LOL Just playin. If I were closer and oh yea had a truck I might hit ya up. I would enjoy hanging with you two for sure.
slammedyota91   +1y
That logo is f'in sweet!
mazdadropped   +1y
whats the logo??? i dont see it
toddluck   +1y
sleepy's sig
paparoach1983   +1y
Glad to see you starting this back up guys