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what Parts would you like to see From AtkinsRotary??

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atkins dan   +1y
I can get just about anything you will need for your trucks for stock replacement parts..
in the past I have done sales on Brakes, Water Pumps and Clutches. I can also do engine rebuild kits door seals trim Ect..

I am an Exedy, AEM and Micro-Tech Dealers.

I also have a ton (about 17 or so) Factory Clutch kits for the 2.0 & 2.2 Engines.. I think I have 2 for the 94 and newer trucks..

So post up on what you are needing and lets see if we can get a sale or a GB Group Buy going..

Dan Atkins
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jobbadahut613   +1y
Hey Dan I remember on the other site that there were guys talking about upgraded rubber door seals. Can you get them?
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atkins dan   +1y
right now I have the door seal (the one on the door its self) and the window channel seal in stock.. the seal that is on the cab side of it I am still tracking down the part # on that one..

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jobbadahut613   +1y
PM me the prices.
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mazdizzle   +1y
How much are the window channel seals? Mine look like they have shrunk and don't fit the door like they should.
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Cusser   +1y
I'd say to handle the parts which seem to be most universally needed/desired for these trucks.
Ignition switch electrical part.
Engine hood rod plastic clamp.
Spark plug wires holders.
Clutch master and slave cylinders.
Flexible brake and clutch lines.
Head gasket kits.
Brake master cylinder.
Floor consoles.
Door seals.
Valve cover gaskets.
PCV valve grommet.
Two rearmost coolant bypass hoses (B2200).
Fan clutch.
Fuel pump.
Fuel sender.
Headlight switch.
Rubber boots for manual transmission M51317480A?.
Exhaust and PAIR gasket #FE20-40-396A
Catalytic converter gaskets.
Timing belt.
Timing belt tensioners and/or their bearings.
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atkins dan   +1y

the window channel seal is 52.00 each side..

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atkins dan   +1y
on a Clutch hydraulics if I can get the prices down the 100.00 (plus shipping) each truck would you guys be interested???

this would contain
1 Clutch Master
1 Short & Long Clutch Hose
1 Clutch Slave

this will cover the 86 to 93 truck and will not matter if you have a 2WD or 4WD. as the slave for the 4WD is different.

the hoses will be Mazda's the master and Slave will be from Exedy.
Let me know what you guys think...

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orangemazdab2000   +1y

Can you get the window track channel seal? The seals that go all the way around the door windows when they are rolled all the way up.

Update: I read through this post and saw that you already answered this question. $52 a seal. Thanks
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axel breaker earl   +1y
Just some input here.......I just bought these as well as the outer rubber lower window lay your arm on it when you roll the window down all the way and rest your arm/elbow on the door.
They helped big time on being able to roll the window up and down EASILY again! I love how my windows work now!

Here's how some of your window channels look when they have dried up and are now too short between the 2 sharp bends (one at the front of the glass by the mirror mount, and the other at the top rear of the door, as the pic shows) in it and therefore it will get "re-shaped" when you roll the window all the way up, or down.

thread post photo

A close-up of the new window glass channel.

thread post photo

Fits good in the corners now!

thread post photo

thread post photo

And the outer rubber window glass seal.

thread post photo

How many of the original rubbers are this flexible?

thread post photo

thread post photo

thread post photo

thread post photo