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Michigan Metal Works control arms now available

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guilty by design   +1y
Swing by and check em out. MMW arms are now available.
hunterw   +1y
lsumazdarider   +1y
Those for Mazda how much wiil they ship
lsumazdarider   +1y
How much for a mazda
90-b22dawg [andrew]   +1y

check out the webpage!
bigdaddy6   +1y
These guys do some kick azz fab work for sure!!
mymmeryloss   +1y
So whats the discount code?

$1000 good lord!
guilty by design   +1y
Good money buys good parts.
sincitylocal   +1y
Not when the web host shows your account is suspended!
89mazdalade   +1y
how is this worth a 1000 bux??? mild steel cut out on a water jet with some welds and some DOM tubing im sorry unless steel sky rocketed overnight or thats titanium there not worth that and i dont see how this is great fab work kinda looks cheesy and pieced together and not to mention heavy as hell tubular a-arms are the way to go unless ur planning on baggin a abrams tank!!