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GBD Hit by Tornado

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baha   +1y
Hey guys I just spoke with Kyle. If you haven't heard. Yesterday, Joplin, MO (where Guilty By Design is located) got hit with a devastating Tornado. Luckily Kyle and his family are alive but his shop is a total loss. He'll be ready to take orders again in a week or so, please be patient.

Please keep Kyle and GBD in your thoughts, and if you have a chainsaw handy I'm sure they could use the help to clean up the fallen trees.
indallas1978   +1y
Glad Kyle and his family are alright, sucks about the shop! Kyle lmk when you are back up and running as i am ready to order a notch kit.
charlesskelter   +1y
Very sorry to hear about the shop, but glad to hear himself and his family made it out ok.
onebadkota   +1y
oh goodness....I thought about him/the business today...I went all yesterday trying to figure out where I had heard of Joplin before...and it dawned on me this morning where it was from (the last hour ive been welding in filler plates that i got from him..odd enough huh)

Glad to hear him/his family is okay...I know it has to be devastating...Thankfully those storms have calmed down some by the time they have reached us here in ky. Keep us updated.
stantheman   +1y
Yeah the shop is gone, all that's left is the foundation and a few mangle cars and trucks. I've seen a couple of pics. It's enough to make ya sick.
mazdaman82   +1y
holy crap!!! i just looked at the pics, i died a little inside..glad everyone is ok.. from the looks of facebook they will have lots of help with clean to love the minitruckin community
toddluck   +1y
Glad they are safe!!...thats the main thing
dropped90(justin)   +1y
Just checked out the pics and im speechless. i couldnt even imagine what i would do or how i would feel if something like this happened in our town. Glad to hear everybody is okay though.

toddluck   +1y
Where are the pics?
dropped90(justin)   +1y
they are on facebook. type in guilty by design in the search box