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22" Simi wheels

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pachecokustomz   +1y
What is involved in Simi wheels for a 97 Chevy cc dually? I found someone saleing some 22.5 simi wheels cut down to 22" for $1200.00 no adapters so I will be hitting u up for some.
lockone   +1y
On a stock truck the only problem you are going to have is with the rear fenders. Your wheels are going to stick out past the fenders about 2.5-3" depending on which width rear end you have in your truck. In some cases the will stick out a bit more or a bit less.

Let me know if you have any questions and I can help you our or someone on the forum can help you also.
pachecokustomz   +1y
Hey TNWheels thx for the addvice on the wheels I know that I was going to have to strech the rear fenders thats no big deal. what about the front end will i run into a problem with the wheels tunkin? I will be bagging it soon.
pachecokustomz   +1y
by the way the guy saleing the wheels its for 6 simi's they have tires on them but will need to get some soon by what he says I want to go with low profile tires. what do you suggest?
lockone   +1y
Front on a lowered truck you will have to roll fenders just a bit. On a bagged truck you will have to install small tubs on firewall and raise inner fenderwells up, along with moving some things on the inner fenders.

I would suggest a 265/35/22 tire on a lowered or bagged truck.
pachecokustomz   +1y
I plan on using it to tow as well will it be ok?
prican2000   +1y

You are asking all the "RIGHT" questions my friend - questions I needed to know the answers too.


ohh and good luck with your truck- Looks like a good platform to start with.
wide load c-30   +1y

pachecokustomz   +1y
Ya someone has to.I'll ask the questions if I dont know something. I just got the thing and I can't have it looking like it dose, all my cars have to have something done to it wheels or paint. I'm trying to get this kustom shop going and I have to have something to show for it or no one will give me the bizz.
lockone   +1y
It will tow just like it does now. No change when installing wheels or bags correctly.