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Thanks Trevor

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slownlow   +1y
Thanks for sending my new rims out to me.. they look great on my dually..


lockone   +1y
No problem that is what I am here for. Truck looks good.
reyna bros   +1y
Yeah thanks Trevor!!!!lol
lockone   +1y
Your welcome Milo!
bobby morris   +1y
What kind and what size are the wheels on the black dually? And does anyone know were I can find a 97 dually bed?
slownlow   +1y
19" wheels, i got them from Trevor..
lockone   +1y
I have got everything you need here at the shop.
bobby morris   +1y
Trevor do you have any dually beds??????
lockone   +1y
I have a few... What year make and model do you need?
mr900f   +1y
Were those topkick 19.5 fitments originally?